The ViolinBridge Project was created and is maintained by Gerard KilBride, with original coding by Mick Quin back in 2012.

Can you help

Yes , please send us your bridges so we can add them to the archive.

Problems Logging in ?

After you register we will send an automated email to the address provided at signup. This will have a link that you need to follow to validate your email address, if you missed this email or deleted it by accident, or do not understand the validation process we will be glad to help you.

How to contact us? Bridges by snail mail Violinbridges, Ivy, NP8 1PE. Wales .U.K. Or messages by e-mail. (SORRY PICTURES VIA E-MAIL ARE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED.)

How do you cut and fit bridges?

You can now download several useful articles written by industry leaders which should answer all your questions and help you cut, tune and fit better bridges.

How to send bridges?

They need to be sent to us to photograph, measure, weigh and catalogue: @ Violinbridges,Ivy, NP8 1PE. Wales. U.K. (We would advise, that they be sent as a recorded delivery).

Can you use our photographs?

Can you send us photographs? Yes please, but too add them to the database we need to see them “in the flesh”, as each bridge is weighed and measured for further research, and the photos are taken and manipulated in a controlled environment.